2021 OPM Team Store Is Now Officially Open!!

FYI, the unit price will adjust as quantity thresholds are passed….6-24, 25-49 per item. For now we negotiated 20% discount. We are targeting 50% if we pass 50 items which I think we can… They will pre-authorize credit cards and do not charge the card until the store closes and quantities are finalized.You can edit your orders while the store is open, but when the store closes all orders are final.The store is open for 2 weeks and then they will close and production will begin. Let me know if you have any questions.

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2019 OPM Club Jersey

New Way to Buy Club Clothing

 *** Our online store is now open**
We’re offering Men and Women jerseys and bib shorts, jackets, vests, arm warmers, racer caps and socks.
We’ve been working with Louis Garneau to set up club kit purchases directly. This means you can now browse the selection and place your order online.
Keep in mind that we need a minimum of 12 units on each accessory to complete those (12 arms, 12 caps and 12 socks). If minimum is not reached on PPR orders, the club will be responsible to buy the missing units needed on all 3 items. Please note that $15 fee will be added for individual delivery on each order.
Contact Edgar Tolentino or Jonathan Valdez for inquries.

  • You can order directly from Louis Garneau
  • You will need to create an account with Louis Garneau before you can place your order
  • Payment by credit card is required
  • Clothing will be shipped to the club, then distributed to the members

***If you do not have an account on the Louis Garneau site already, please add items to your cart before trying to create an account.  You will receive an option to create a New User at this stage.