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Cycling can be an intimidating sport to jump into.  It is our goal  to provide a fun, educational, and safe environment for all abilities to thrive. 

Favorite Trails


Albion Hills

Durham Forest

Don Valley Trail

Jefferson Forest


OPM - Ontario Pinoy MTB, also known as OPMTB and OPM - Ontario Pinoy Mountainbikers is a registered non profit organization and is also a recognized member of Ontario Cycling Association  (OCA). Please be advised that no other organization should bear the same name and description as stipulated under the codes of regulations from both accreditation bodies. Ontario Pinoy MTB is  open to public for registration and inquiries.


How It All Began

OPM  was formed in the summer of 2010. It began as an informal group of  Filipino cyclists meeting weekly for a ride around Kelso and Albion  Hills Conservation Area that soon grew into a large group of cyclists  who enjoyed the casual and recreational nature of the rides.

OPM Cycling Club is locally-based, volunteer-run, non-profit organization affiliated with the Ontario Cycling Association (OCA) and International Mountain Bicycling Association (IMBA Canada)

Why Join OPM

Membership in OPM Cycling Club is open to everyone. It is a fun way to meet others who share the  enjoyment of cycling. Whether you are a seasoned racer, mountain biker,  or recreational rider, you will find others in the club that can help  you achieve your goals to ride safer, faster, further, and smarter. We  have multiple rides at different paces and terrain, off road rides,  monthly membership meetings, and other social events throughout the  year.

Benefit 1

Discounted Club KIt and other OPM merchandise

Benfefit 2

Attend our social events – Weekly MTB Rides at Albion, Weekly Weston Road Ride, Lechonan Ride, Annual picnic, camping and Christmas party.

Benefit 3

Participate in our OPM Racing Team - Epic 8 Team Relay, 24hrs Team Relay, P2A race and other MTB, Road and Gravel races.

Benefit 4

Take part in many club rides.

News + Past events

2021 24 Hour Summer Solstice


Congratulations OPM!! 2021 24hrs Summer Solstice Mountainbike Relay Race


OPM - Humblebee : 1st Place 🥇 (6-10 person Category out of 52 teams)


OPM - Everything In It : 2nd Place 🥈 (6-10 person mixed Category out of 8 teams)


OPM - Knight Riders : 3rd Place 🥉 (4 man no night ride Category out of 9 teams)


OPM - Young Guns : 28th place (6-10 person Category out of 52 teams)

Random Club Photos

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