Ride Schedule


A few notes about the group rides:

  • Before going on a group ride, read "OPM Risk Management Plan" and "Rider Guidelines"
  • Check the website and/or Facebook page for weather-related updates
  • If you have a ride to add to the schedule, post it on the OPM facebook page or send an email to ontariopinoymtb@gmail.com

Wednesday Evening Rides and Races

Wednesday evening rides will return for the 2018 season starting April 18th and running every Wednesday night until the end of September.

Rides start at 6:00 p.m. except in September, when we depart at 5:30 p.m. due to the shorter days

Full schedule with destinations, distances and maps will be announced in the Club Calendar

Saturday Rides

These 2-4 hour weekend rides are perfect for putting in some quality miles on the bike in a fun and friendly setting. The overall speed of  the ride will be determined by who is present and the group may split  into “A” (80-100km) and “B” (40-70km) groups.   

The OPM weekly rides are members-only events. To ensure that only  members take part, ride coordinators and group leaders will ask you to  show a valid membership card at the start of each ride. Make sure to  have your card handy or a digital copy, and enjoy the ride  

Experience Level: While these are no-drop rides, please be aware of your  own abilities and be familiar with riding in a group. As always,  bringing your own flat repair equipment, food, plenty of water, and some  spare cash is never a bad idea. Riders in group B should be comfortable  at an average 22-25km/h by themselves, riders in group A should be  comfortable riding at an average of 26-30km/h alone.