OPM Officers and Roles


President - Michael Ybanez

  • Generally manage and lead the club in accordance with its rules and constitution.
  • Be well informed of all club activities and plans.
  • Chair and manage committee meetings

Vice President - Edgar Tolentino

  • Supervise in general, the management of the club.
  • Conduct the correspondence and business of the club.
  • Define the agenda for committee meetings, take minutes and distribute to members.

Treasurer - Rogem Demata

  • Look after the club’s accounts.
  • Keep proper records of all payments and monies received.
  • Prepare an annual financial report.

Secretary - Portia Ouano

  • Maintain an up-to-date register of members and their contact details.
  • Liaise with members over renewals and payment of membership fees.
  • Ensure member details are stored safely and securely.

Board Members

Carlos Arnaiz

Jonathan Valdez

Mark Sarmiento

Homer Babalo

Nelo Dimaculangan