How To Join


To register online, click the register online button below.  

OPM uses Cycle Component Network (CCN) for registration and Ontario Cycling Association (OCA) insurance. 

You will be redirected to the CCN site to register and pay.
A small processing fee will be charged.

OPM - Ontario Pinoy Mountainbikers Membership

-    OPM Membership Fee: $20* + Ontario Cycling Association membership ($42) non-racers

-    OPM Membership Fee: $20* + Ontario Cycling Association Provincial (Citizen) Race Permit ($58)

 When you register online, your club membership card and OCA card will be sent to you by email as a PDF       attachment. Please print both cards and take them with you when ever you attend club events. Membership cards are required to participate in club events, including touring rides.            

If someone has already purchased their OCA membership - either on its own or through another club registration - as long as the person uses the same CCN account they purchased their OCA membership with, the system will automatically validate it and they'll be able to register for the OPM without needing to purchase it again.


So all they need to do is register for the club here -

When prompted to login, they need to log into the account they used for their initial OCA membership purchase.

If they run into any issues have them contact our support and we'll be happy to help!/contact 

Age Requirement

​Although  we encourage participants of all ages, members under the age of 18 MUST  be accompaniend on ALL rides or any other OPM activities by a  parent who is a member, or by another parent-designated adult member. 


OPM & OCA Registration Step by Step guide (download the file below for more details)

  1. Click “Register Now”
  2. Fill up your personal information and click “Register Name”
  3. Click “Add to Registration”
  4. Select nationality on the drop down and click “Register Name”
  5. Select Affiliate Club Membership if you are not racing or Select Provincial ( Citizen) Race Permit - ( for Ontario) or Select UCI License
  6. Type OPM on the Affiliate Club Membership. OPM will appear, select the box and click “Next”
  7. Complete emergency contact and previous license
  8. Verify and click “Compete and return to registration”
  9. Select “Register Now”
  10. Click “Select & Continue” or you can add another registration
  11.  Verify your information and click “Complete and Proceed to Cart”
  12. Click “Yes” if you are who you are
  13. You can tick all the boxes if you agree with waiver, rules and risk management agreement. Sign your name and click “ I agree to the Above”
  14. Make sure you have 2 items in your cart ( OPM and OCA)
  15. Fill up your payment information and click “Submit and Complete”

  • You will receive your receipt via email….Welcome to OPM!!

Register online